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Presenting my book in Cava de' Tirreni (my hometown), with (l) Sen. Alfonso Andria and (r) Deputy Mayor Armando Lamberti. 


Presenting my book, Il Secolo delle Navi, at the Italian House of Representative, Rome, with Dr. Eugenio Marino.

I have been a passionate professor of Italian, European literature, cultural studies, and international affairs at the college level for 20 years. I pride myself on being a strong communicator who engages students in a classroom lectures and workshops with an energetic and motivated personality that facilitates and enhances learning. I am a team player who is committed to working with departmental objectives and goals.


In addition to teaching, I serve as a head for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) at The United Nations. Using skills as a leader, communicator, and facilitator, my focus is on promoting the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 2030, creating dialogue around of issues of immigration, globalization, and interreligious dialogue. I also structured classes on Global Journalism based upon my experienced at the United Nations. Global Journalism is a growing area on intellectual inquires.  


My main topic of research is global migration. I have researched the subject through literary and sociological studies and cultural studies. Migrations are a powerful social and cultural phenomena that lay bare the deep unspoken resistances that societies present towards newcomers. They challenge a defined national or social identity built upon social privileges and cultural exclusion. 

My research is also focused on the concept of resilience in the human beings. The inner capacity that human beings develop to overcome difficult or impossible situations and how this capacity turns into social involvement: art, poetry, humanitarian affairs.  

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