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With Patrice, wife, at United Nations 

matteo e Vincenzo.jpeg

With son, Matteo, in London


I consider myself a modern explorer. An archeologist of knowledge. A human being moved by knowledge, curiosity, cultural diversity, and great passion for sport, expressly running, as a tool for peace, development, and human solidarity. Born and raised in Italy, my geographical and cultural curiosity led me to study in Germany, Scotland, and the United States, where I earned my Doctoral in Comparative Literature and Critical Theory.

History and Literature have been my great passions since I was a child. They gave me deep insight into worldwide human affairs and a great capacity of empathy towards less fortunate human beings. These passions steered me to advanced studies and to the publication of two books on topics of history, literature, and migrations. My scholarly interests grew when I was appointed as representative of NGO Migrantes at The United Nations. In a global cultural, social, and political arena such as The United Nations, I have had the opportunity to work on and organize events with an international magnitude that facilitates a dialogue on Christianity and Judaism and the Identity of Europe.


On January 2020, I became the Head of Organization NGO Migrantes at the United Nations and planned an event on Sport for Development and Peace, which went virtual due to Covid-19. This new position gives me the ability to focus thoroughly on SDG 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals) and work across nations and continents to promote this agenda for humanity and for future generations.

Explorers are great walkers and never tire out. They follow a road map. They have knowledge to acquire, human beings to talk with. I am a runner and an explorer since I was nine years old. It is a passion that has transcended years and brought me to run the world’s foremost marathon – NYC Marathon – 13 times and thousands of small races across Europe and the United States.  Running for me is a spiritual practice which enables me to get deeper in my emotions and thoughts. Running shaped my identity and enhanced my values. Running brings unity of people, races, and cultures. It made me a human being very interested into the spiritual life and emotional life of people and able to create harmony in a group and make it work together.

Vincenzo lives in New York City with his wife, Patrice; son, Matteo; and dog, Sasha. 

Awarded Knight of the Republic of Italy Order of Star Italy. 

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