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At the United Nations with Hon. Enzo Amendola, current Minister for European Affairs for the Republic of Italy. 


For the past 20 years, I have been representing Migrantes at The United Nations.  Migrantes is an American (with an office in Italy) NGO affiliated at the United Nations with the Department of Global Communications.


In this capacity,  I attended weekly briefings at the United Nations focusing on Global Education, Disability, and Human Rights and produced hundreds of articles and reports, which have been published mostly in Italian daily press. In recent years, I became more focused on and advocated for disability and its impact on hiring in the work place, including organizing a major fundraising event for Specialisterne  an international organization that provides job training for people with disabilities.


In 2020, I was appointed Head of  Migrantes. During my tenure as Head of Organization, I began focusing on SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 2030.

I co-organized the International Day for Development and Peace with the

Italian Mission at the UN, DESA (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) and the Italian Military Paralympic Team. The event was held virtually on April 6, 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic. 


As a Head of NGO Migrantes I am planning to organize more events on sport and development and produce videos and webinars on Migrants experiences from all around the world.  

At the Mission of Italy at the United Nations, with (c) Deputy Head of Mission Ambassador Inigo Lambertini and With Dr. Gabriel Zuchtriegel, archaeologist, and Director of Archeological Park of Paestum, Italy.

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