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With Meb Keflezighi at NYC Marathon Press Conference.


With George Hirsch, Chairman of the Board of NYRR and a friend.

I started running when I was nine years old after watching the 1972 Olympics. As a young man, it helped my self-esteem, soothed my brain, and alleviated fears of life challenges.


Competition was a natural outgrowth of my running. I tried track and field before landing to the magical world of long distance running. I ran 13 New York City Marathons, three Boston Marathons, and two Chicago Marathons plus participated in more than 300 races across the United States and Europe. In my running, I experienced joy, pain, and friendship. Joy for my performance at NYC marathon. Pain when I was witness the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Friendship any time I approach a marathon start with friends coming from all around the world. 


Running has become a life style, a meditation form, and a joyful moment to spend with friends and people with the same passion. Running nurtures a sense of spirituality, respect of nature, and self accomplishment. It enhances a sense of happiness, which I try to transmit to people around me.


I still have many plans for future races and marathons, perhaps trying ultra-distances races: 60 miles, 100 miles. Running is an avenue to explore the human capacity to focus and endure, while experiencing joy. To me, this is the utmost secret of running. 

Boston Marathon 2019.JPG

2019 Boston Marathon


NYC Marathon Arrival 

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