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For many years, I considered myself an expatriate. As a got more and more interested in the history of migration, my perceptions started to change. It came naturally for me to talk and interview immigrants. Mostly Italian. So I was appointed US Correspondent for Il Messaggero di Sant'Antonio (the largest catholic magazine in the world). Then I wrote about Italian immigration in the United States. I then received the position at The United Nations representing the  NGO Migrantes, which deals with global migrations and human rights.


Along with these experiences, I started the collaboration as a freelance writer with the Southern Italian edition of Corriere della Sera (the most prestigious Italian daily). 


Once I met Maurizio Molinari, the current editor of La Repubblica then US chief correspondent for La Stampa, I started a collaboration with him which lead to the pubblication of the book Gli Italiani di New York (2012). My collaboration was then extended to the daily paper Il Foglio for which I published an interview with House of Representative Speaker Ms. Nancy Pelosi. 


I appeared several times on Italian Television to talk about immigration in New York City and US political situation. I have published more than 300 articles on several subjects from immigration and culture to sport and religion. Recently, I created a digital platform named Stroncature Global to discuss global topics, including education, global politics, and globalization. The webinars are receiving major attention from academicians, writers, and journalists.



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